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CAse study / straws defi moi j'croque 2017

A great project that bears fruit!

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case study / rona pins

RONA pins : How we transformed a logistical nightmare into a sweet dream !

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case study / familiprix aprons

A customized hybrid product for a client with very specific needs. All in a day work for us!

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case study / Belron Canada

We were approached by the franchise manager to see if we could facilitate better fluid procurment of a key product from overseas. At that time, she was facing an unacceptable lengthy delay with her current supplier and was hoping we could help her get a similar product to fill orders in the meantime. After looking at a variety of factors, we did one better – we were able to replicate in house her product exactly and get them shipped to her franchises in less than half the time. Impressed with our solutions, she asked us for help with some other issues she was facing, and before long we took over the entire ordering process for her. We smoothly transitioned new styles into the line up to include polos and technical /safety wear. We were soon supplying all of the franchises all over Canada and then HQ took us on to do the same for their other banners and franchises.

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