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GraphXDesign pairs the latest innovations and cutting edge technologies in identifiction techniques with our experienced and creative staff to produce spectacular results. We keep up with the trends and growing demand by constantly updating equipment, training our staff and staying up to date on the industry news. Below are just a few of our most popular techniques in further detail.


This method has been used since ancient times all around the world. Simple or intricate, embroidered items convey a sense of richness and craftmanship. Although the head of the embroidery department doesnt actually sit in a rocking chair making each item by hand, he is none the less highly skilled at mass prodcuing beautiful and intricate patterns with his banks of precisicon embroidery machines.

UV printing

Crisp images, bright colors, glossy finishes not affected by prolonged exposure, UV printing is quick, easy and high impact and ideal for outdoor use.

Transfer print

Very similar to screen printing, but the ink is applied to a sheet of transfer paper that is then applied to an item using the same things that make diamonds : heat and pressure. A lot less costly of course!

Large format digital printing

Perfect for the digital age! We are capable of producing big prints and small runs, or small prints and big runs, or big prints and big runs or,,,,well you get the idea! its versitile.

Laser engraving

Our laser is capable of producing a multitude of results on an endless selection of materials as well as laser etching on metal and wood objects. We get to play with lasers at work, how cool is that?


The latest in branding, our technique makes it possible to print on any textile and over seams, zippers, any thing! The breathable finish makes it a great choice for sportswear, team jersies, super soft knits.

Screen printing

Screen printing dates back hundreds of years and the basic concept is still the same today : a fine mesh stretched across a frame creates the screen where paint is squeeged onto. Of course it is a little more involved than that, but this tried and true method plus the endless possibilities of colors, textiles and facility of reproducing your logo makes this one of the most popular branding techniques. GXD boasts 2 top of the line rotating sreen printers capable of churning out well over 2000 prints a day. The vast majority of our products can be easily screen printed. Got a big project in mind? We can handle it.